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SynWiki web

The SynWiki web contains gene-centered information on human genes which proteins products are localized at synapses in the nervous system. Information on genes in SynWiki is partly generated by automated update procedures that retrieve information from external data sources (e.g., NCBI Entrez Gene). In addition, user-generated information is an important feature of SynWiki. User-generated content finds its way to SynWiki via two routes. The first route is through web applications that are integrated into the gene pages and are only accessible by experts-in-the-field that were granted permission to contribute to the annotation of synaptic genes. The information from these web applications is stored in attached relational databases, the contents of which are used in various statistical analyses of synaptic gene function. The second route is through direct modification of the SynWiki gene pages. This method of contribution is allowed for all users of the web; any user of SynWiki can modify gene pages to their own discretion. To avoid loss of valuable information, changes are recorded over time, so that at any moment in time old information can be retrieved and/or harmful additions can be removed. We hope that you have a valuable stay at CNCR SynWiki web.

Getting started

The database behind SynWiki contains records for all genes presently known in human. To find a respective gene page, use the 'Search' function at the top of this page. Alternatively, all gene pages can be browsed at the SynWiki WebTopicList. Not all gene records are present in SynWiki by default, however. If a gene page does not exist a new page can be created through the WebCreatNewTopic application.


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